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Freestyle football behind the scenes feat. Alice Fougeray

It started in 2015 with Gautier Fayolle and I had to actually wait more than 2 years to work with a freestyle football player (if that's how you call them). Women are not well represented in that sport... No sorry, they are not well represented in a ton of sports, so I was really happy to meet Alice Fougeray aka Alice Freestyle for this unique photoshoot.

Summer is far behind us now, but the weather was nice in "Nice" (France, no play on words here). So we decided to make this outdoors, in the old city. I've only been to Nice twice before so we basically improvised for locations. We stopped every time we found something interesting.

We started early in the morning, the goal was to finish before 10 am, because of the light and especially because of the crowd. Bars and restaurants open between 9h30 and 10 am and the tourists arrive just after. I love empty streets, empty spaces so we had to work and move fast.

Marlène was there to film, I only used one Broncolor Siros L (800ws) with the beauty box 65 on it in order to make our shoot simple and efficient. I decided to kill much of the ambient light on a lot of the shots to have this contrasty dark look I love. We worked in both speed and HS mode depending on the amount of ambient light, hope you like the results as much as we do!

Down below is a little info on 2 of my favorite shots with the before and after slide.

5D Mark III with Broncolor Siros L placed camera left slightly tilted.

5D Mark III with Broncolor Siros L placed camera left. ISO 250 - 16mm - f6.3 - 1/200s


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