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Give yourself freedom, not another behind the scenes!

Personal projects are vital to me. I think I've said this before and I haven't changed my mind since and don't think I will anytime soon. Building projects for you, with no one to justify to. Having no boundaries and being able to create whatever is on your mind... Sounds great huh?

Well, in theory, this is possible. But in the real world, in this industry, it's not that simple. Creating, setting up a shoot requires a minimum of financial support, especially when you are a full-time photographer. Having time to set them up is also tricky when you know you won't be earning any money with them. But like I said earlier it is vital for me. Shooting for others, with tight deadlines, over and over again, makes the job too mechanical, and the joy and desire of making photos slowly die with time.

So that is is the main reason why I still try to find some time to make these projects happen. The perfect opportunity, when I have the right crew, the perfect location to learn, and try new things. I often try new techniques new props and take higher risks, ones I would never take with clients in order to step my game up on future paid shoots. In this, behind the scenes, you can actually see what goes on, the fun, the failures. I must admit that I am lucky to do these creative test shoots in such amazing locations!

Like most of my projects, I started this new series in Strasbourg. In the video we are in the Hôtel de ville de Strasbourg with performer Virginia Danh. I was surrounded by an amazing crew composed of Marilyne, Nadia, Maïté, Marlène, and Martial.

Huge thanks to my hometown Strasbourg and the entire staff at the city hall.

So what is your opinion on this? Do you do test shoots? I will try to step it up a notch on my next test shoot... Hope it will happen soon!


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