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My thoughts on the GODOX AD600 pro

Behind the scenes video feat. Paolina & Tiare

So apparently people are debating whether GODOX is made for professionals or not? Yes, GODOX, at least around me was always considered a cheap brand for beginners who couldn’t afford the real stuff… That was a while ago… as nothing changed since?

It’s hard to get rid of a reputation or at least change it. I have to admit, I never really looked at that brand because as a professional, you better off working with Profoto or Broncolor if you have the money.

And this is maybe why I went from the broncolor move 1200L to the SirosL 800ws.

Of course, there are other reasons, at the time I needed the power, the reliability, and the consistency, and the outdoor kit was of great value for me considering my style and the way I work. And since then, no other brands proposed an equivalent of the SirosL 800ws.

The AD600pro is short of 200ws, but this doesn’t really mean anything, I have to use it, test it in different situations and on different projects to actually see if I still need 800ws of power or if the GODOX are enough.

And then look at the unit itself. How well is it built, how easy is it to use, and does it hold me back or does it help me create the images I want?

I’ve used it on several projects during the past months. I mixed it with other lights, other flashes, and continuous lights. this is the only light I used with my Pixapro optical snoot, and I even used it with the smaller but capable AD300 pro.

Here is a brief summary and a few behind the scene images of one of my latest sessions made with it.

It’s still fat and I can see where the inspiration comes from. In terms of size, we are not far from the Broncolor unit. I still find these flashes a bit too bulky and heavy. I really like the handle here the system is better than the one on the SirosL.

I am not a fan of the big screen, and I will tell you why. It is very useful, because at a glance you have all the information you need, all the settings, and the menus are easy to understand and accessible. But, I am not sure this will stand the test of time unless you keep it in your studio, and I don’t think these battery-powered strobes are made for that.

I had this concern the first day I received them, when I charged my first battery the rubber protection here fell off. Everything these days is made out of plastic, but here, I am not comfortable. The thing is My SirosL fell, too many times, but I got them serviced only once in 5 years and they still work flawlessly.

If the AD600 pro falls, I am not sure the screen will survive.

But you know, so far so good, I haven’t had any issues, so we will see.

The colors are pretty accurate, I never had any issues, any dramatic changes in color temperature, insignificant changes like really minor color shifts so you can rely on this Flash for sure. No misfires for me, I am using the X pro transmitters and it’s a no-brainer. One thing I couldn’t do lately is work with it outside…

So things do change, considering the price and the performance of this flash, why wouldn’t you use it professionally?

The big advantages of bigger brands are the availability of parts (in case you break anything), the customer service (sometimes it is really hard to speak to anyone), and the reliability of their supplying chains delivering fewer faulty units.

Am I going to switch to GODOX? It’s too soon to say, I am still waiting for Broncolor to make a few updates on their flashes… but maybe this will never happen so this might be the time for me.

GODOX also has the AD1200pro, I really hope I will be able to get my hands on one. I’ve seen some pictures and videos, but these units aren’t easy to get.

But this means that GODOX is serious about its flashes, and that’s a good thing. We need more competition so that we get more affordable tools that deliver stellar performances. I guess this conversation will continue another time.

Thanks to my first video on the AD300pro, I now know that a lot of you actually use GODOX products. You guys probably have more experience than me with these tools, so I invite you to share your thoughts as long-time users. How are they behaving now, compared to when you received it? Do they still hold up? Did you break anything? Were you able to repair it? Tell us in the comments.


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