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Rhythmic Gymnastics photoshoot in Antibes with Gillian Leopold

Hi there, releasing the complete gallery of my work with Ex-Gymnast Gillian Leopold. 5th month in Antibes now, and getting used to the heat and landscapes. I had to completely change my approach when looking out for new locations.

The French Riviera has a lot to offer! I am from Strasbourg (Northeast of France) and I am not used to being surrounded by Mountains, Rocks, and beaches. By looking at my recent work, you might have noticed the change in my pictures. I had to adapt and put aside my desire for modern urban backdrops for my photos. I was wondering when I first arrived if there were any athletes, dancers, artists in the area... It took some time, but I discovered there were plenty of them around. Huge news for me for my upcoming projects, I had some time during summer to visit Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, and I feel there will be some epic projects in the works shortly. I hope Gillian will join me again on future projects, but only time will tell.

Below, quick behind the scenes posted on IG: @HkVisuals

I would like to thank all the people that took a little bit of their time to help choose between these 2 pictures on Facebook. Both are in the galleries down below, but I will only use one of the 2 for my front page. I'll let you find out which one!

In this session, I worked with a single Broncolor Siros L, the beauty box 65 (light modifier), and my good old beaten up Canon 5D mark III, here is the result of our first meeting:


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