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From 1 to 2 lights setup

Handstand & Contortion photoshoot behind the scenes

This is a follow-up to the Crossfit behind the scenes posted 2 weeks ago and the 2 lights setup on a fitness photoshoot post I did a while back.

This video was made last year in Lyon in an abandoned building with a talented French handstand performer and contortionist Eloïse.

I've already shared the results of this session in a previous post but I'll save you the click on a new link, with the gallery down below.

I was slowly getting used to working with 2 lights even though it is not an easy setup to bring with me on location.

I am still working with 2 Broncolor 800w SIROS L and shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III.

What makes it different here from the fitness photos shoot are the shapes, forms, and poses of the artist and the changing available light.

Not all shots were done with 2 lights, I quickly explain the reasons for my choices on 6 different shots in the video, and in addition, here are a few diagrams showing you how simple my light placement is:

1/ ISO 200 - 90mm f/ 3,5 1/160sec

2/ ISO 200 - 80mm - F/3,5 - 1/160sec

Broncolor Beauty box 65 and Siros L placed camera right and bare Strobe camera left.

3/ ISO 200 - 24mm - F/3,5- 1/125sec

Broncolor Siros L + Beautybox 65 placed high at a 45 degrees camera right.

4/ ISO 100 - 50mm - F/8 - 1/200

Broncolor Siros L and Beautybox 65 placed high camera left.

5/ ISO 100 - 44mm - F6,3 - 1/160sec

Broncolor Siros L with Beautybox 65 hitting the left side of Eloïze.

6/ ISP 160 - 31mm - F/3,5 - 1/160

Broncolor Siros L and the beauty box 65 avoid the complete "Split" on Eloïze.

What do you think? Feel free to ask me all your questions.


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