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HK VISUALS in 2022

In 120 seconds (or less...)

Will I do this every year? I don't know. As long as it is fun to me, I will continue doing them. Narrowing it down to a few images wasn’t easy, but I think I managed to summarize my activity in 2022 in this video. I included the images down below, with the direct links to their complete galleries (when available). There are at least 3 images that are from sessions I never shared before.This means there are 3 Behind the scenes videos or break downs coming in the days to come.

This project for Fujifilm was fun to make. When I made my first Promo / Testimonial video for Fujifilm back in 2021 we had a bit more time to prepare each individual session. In 2022, we were a bit more in the rush, which for me translates into more stress, and higher chances to fail. But that's part of the game, and with time we've learned to compose with what we have. In the end that's what makes it fun right?

Angelina Rakova - "la salle des illustres - Capitole de Toulouse" (Toulouse - France)

Complete Gallery and Behind the scenes video:

The 2 following images are part of the many sessions I was unable to share in 2022... But I decided to share them in early 2023. The first one will be released and posted this sunday, and the other one will be an exclusive post for Premium members and will be shared by the end of January.

Clara René - Château St Louis (France)

Nina Queiroz - Eglise du Gèsu (Toulouse - France)

Have I done less sports photography this year? The simple answer is: "Yes". I would love to do more, but unfortunately I didn't have the chance to get many interesting sports projects in 2022. Let's hope this will change in 2023!

Anissa Benyoub - Bagatelle boxing (Toulouse - France)

The complete gallery and Behind the scenes video for Premium members:

Cassandra Sampieri - Château de la Reynerie (Toulouse - France)

Complete gallery and Behind the scenes footage:

There are only 2 models that were featured twice in this recap. Michele is one of the two. Both sessions were one of the longest I ever made. A lot of testing and experimentation, and even though we were on our knees at the end of both sessions, I believe it was worth it!

Michele Juan - Menuiserie Toulouse (France)

Complete Gallery and Behind the scenes video here:

Michele Juan - Menuiserie Toulouse (France)

Complete behind the scenes and Behind the scenes footage here:

Creating fitness imagery outside the gym is something I really enjoy doing. You should know by now that locations are really important in my work. I always try new ways to challenge myself, and this usually starts with shooting in unusual places... but here we decided to make it simple. Sometimes, when you feel that you are out of options or uninspired,all you need to do is take a deep breath, take a step back and go back to the basics...

Manon Vergé - Gruissan (France)

The complete gallery and Behind the scenes, will be available this month... stay tuned for that! The 2nd model that was featured twice in the video. Angelina, was at the heart of my testimonial video for Fujifilm in 2022. We made 2 sessions together last summer and I decided to include both of them in the video. If you missed these 2 sessions, I urge you to go watch the BTS videos and galleries. These are reminiscent of my early work with wide angle lenses!

Angelina Rakova - Place St Aubin (Toulouse - France)

The complete Behind the scenes video and gallery are just a click away:

While editing the video, I thought to myself: "I should stop photographing this pose". I've done it a couple times, in different angles and with a wide variety of focal lengths. But I guess there aren't so many poses you can photograph right? Nonetheless, since the location and dancer are different, it still works every time!

Maeva K. - Férreol (France)

The variation of this pic, and of course Behind the scenes and gallery are right here:

I often get asked if I do any studio work. Quick answer: "Yes" I just try to convince my clients to consider something on location or outdoors. My portfolio hasn't got much studio work as I don't really consider the stuff I do at home as proper "studio work". To put it simply, I believe my images feel less like "me" everytime I create them in a studio...

Clara & Alex Numériphot Toulouse (France)

I did post the gallery and a behind the scenes video of this session on the blog for Premium members:

Fine art nude, boudoir and lingerie photography, was my way of getting out of my comfort zone. I started in 2019, and opened a few private sessions the following years for clients. I also offered a few test shoots and shared my experience here on the blog. This photoshoot was one of them, a session where I gave a lot of freedom to my model.

Célina B. (Toulouse - France)

Premium members have access to the complete behind the scenes and gallery here:

A few years ago I was curious to know how much I could do in such a tight space. How much gear can I use, what type of work can I develop this way. Surprisingly, a lot can be done, which sometimes doesn't justify renting a studio. For simple portraits, I sometimes propose a home session as an option which drastically cuts down the price, especially when it's done at my apartment.

Clara P. (Toulouse - France)

Do I like costumes... You know the answer! I haven't shared much on this one anywhere, but it will be a part of an upcoming tutorial on the blog for Premium members . Don't you worry, if you are receiving the newsletter, you will be notified.

Pauline (Toulouse -France)

Last but not least, this final image is a concept used, and made by many other photographers before me. I still love creating one from time to time, and I try my best to add a little something to make them mine.

Morgane Branchoux (Toulouse - France)

A breakdown of this image for premium members? Yes... It's in the making!

What a year! I would like to thank all the models, and clients that trusted me in 2022. It was a fun year!

Special thanks to Fujifilm France, BenQ and Godox for their support once again, some of these images wouldn't exist without them.

What are your plans for 2023? Any epic projects in the making? I've got some stuff cooking, but I will reveal them once the time is right. Thank you all for reading the blog, and for your support.

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Kile Drooms
Kile Drooms
28 may 2023

Hello! I really liked your video, you can immediately see that a whole team worked on it, from filming to editors who worked for many hours. It is very interesting, what software does your program use to work with video? After filming on a camera, the video needs to be converted, visit this site and tell me if there is a program that your team uses, or maybe even several?

Me gusta
Haze Kware
Haze Kware
29 may 2023
Contestando a

We use Davinci resolve to edit our videos, and Adobe photoshop and Capture One for photography.

Me gusta
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