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The Hollyland Solidcom C1

1st thoughts on the Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System

Summer is slowly coming to an end, time flies! Communication on set is important, even if you are working with a tight crew. This is the Hollyland Solidcom C1, the tool I never thought I would need in my regular work. But guess what, it helped me be more efficient and quiet on set… Let's check this out.

We are going to put a few things out of the way right now… starting with the general specs. Here is the Hollyland Solidcom C1 at a Glance:

  • Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset

  • True wireless System with NO Beltpack or Base Station.

  • You can build a 6-user system without a HUB.

  • The C1 headset has a 350m active range with only a 40ms delay.

  • The Solidcom C1 headsets prevenst people outside the system from hearing your conversation.

  • Wide frequency response from 150Hz to 7KHz

  • Electret directional microphone that captures the speaker's voice precisely while minimizing the environmental noise.

  • Each Solidcom C1 intercom headset comes with 2 lithium batteries for convenient replacement on set.

  • Each battery takes only 2.5h for a full charge and can work for about 5h - 6h each.

  • Led indicators and voice reminder when the battery is low.

  • Comfortable to Wear & Ready out of the box.

  • Auto mute by lifting the mic boom.

Personally, what I was most interested in was that there is no beltpack or base station to make it work. It has a 350 metres of active range, and you have 2 batteries provided with each headset that can last 5 - 6 hours each. It is really is easy to use and operate, you can do it litterally with your eyes clossed. Now these systems are common on big sets, when a large crew needs to work together and communicate easily. For us small creators it's a different story. Do we need such a tool for our work. Is it worth the investment?

I did use it on multiple occasions recently. Once during a photoshoot where we had to literally whisper during the session making it difficult for us to communicate. Usually I can talk loud, yell to catch people’s attention and share instructions, but this is nearly impossible when, because of budget restrictions we are working in an environment open to the public, where we are asked to create without disturbing the people working around us and without disturbing the public.

We had to film in the lobby of an hôtel a few months ago… and the Solidcom C1 helped us a lot that day to make it quick.

The talent had to come in from outside and get in the lobby and ask for a room at the desk. We had to wait until the lobby was empty for each take, and the only way for me to communicate with my assistant and the talent outside the building was with the Soildcom C1.

- Within - feat. Solène Monnereau

There are a few sequences that were filmed from the back of our van that were not easy to make at the time, because I couldn’t communicate with my driver. We tried using our phones, with wireless headsets, and hands free kits, but we couldn’t hear anything and we were cut off too many times.

Check out the project: REVIVE

This year, we did it again, but this time I was happy to have this system, as it worked flawlessly that morning. The sound was crystal clear, the sound of the van and all the noise around didn’t bother us. And I was able to communicate live with my driver, tell her what I needed and updated her on the situation in the back while filming.

I also use it when we are filming with 2 cameras at the same time. I am able to tell my 2nd shooter what I am about to do, what my next move will be and she will be able to adapt and place herself without interfering with what I do.

Slightly over a 1000 euros here in France, this is of course an investment. When working in museums, hôtels, any location open to the public, this will be the main concern and one of the first questions I will be asked: First, can you work with a small team, and 2nd will it be possible for you to work as quietly as possible? Now I can definitely say “Yes”.

And for all those special shots where I have to talk to someone in another room, behind a wall or my driver at the front of the vehicle, this tool will be indispensable for me to facilitate my work and save time.

It definitely solved a few problems for me, now it’s up to you to figure out if it can solve yours.

I am pretty impressed with the system, its ease of use and overall build quality. We will see how it performs over time.

Summer is also over, it’s been a bit slow during the past weeks, but you will soon understand why. I will start sharing new Behind the scenes videos of unpublished sessions I made this summer this week. I also wanted to announce that I will be giving a workshop in Paris on September 14… in French!

Seats are limited, it will be in French, all the details and info are here.


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