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I Love Milan! Vlog #8 (part I)

2nd city in Italy, and probably our favorite! The food is fantastic, the city is beautiful, and we never bothered during our photoshoots. There was a strong military presence when we were there. I don't know if it's normal but I was afraid of getting into trouble, especially with the one we did just in front of the famous Duomo Di Milano and the pole dance shoot near the Arco della pace.

Silvia Bonavigo - Duomo Di Milano

Kimmy Street - Arco della pace

We took our time and were able to make “almost” all the pictures we wanted. Check out the vlog right here:

We work essentially with natural light with Kimmy. I had a flash with me but thought it wasn't necessary. The light was a bit harsh but it worked for most of our situations. Since it was my first outdoor session in the city, I wanted to be able to move and leave quickly (just in case) and we had to deal with the whole setup of the pole. Luckily her husband was there to give her a hand!

5:30 am... we almost did it at that time! Unfortunately, we forgot an important thing that morning. The metro isn't open that early. We managed to catch a bus and made it a bit late on location but our dancer of the day Silvia faced the same problem. A few minutes to set up and warm-up and we were good to go.

Here are the 2 galleries, and guess what? Part II is already online:

Silvia Bonavigo

Kimmy Street


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