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I Love Milan! Vlog #9 (part II)

Instead of visiting cities like regular tourists, we preferred making our vacation photos with performers! That's almost what we did so far. If you missed part I of our stop in Milan, check it out right now: I Love Milan part I / Vlog #8.

We met Lavinia Scott for a more contemporary walk through Milan. The naviglio grande, The Porta Ticinese and the Colonne di San Lorenzo were on the menu that morning. The streets got busy pretty quickly so we had to work fast this time. I still took the decision to work with the Broncolor Siros L and the Beauty box 65 attached to it. Thanks to my loving partner and assistant, we were free to move, change our setup on the go really quickly.

Lavinia Scott - Colonne di San Lorenzo

Our 2nd rendezvous was the same day with a lovely duo from La Scala de Milan Vittoria and Claudio. We used the University of Milano for our shoot and were surprised to work there without any permission.

Vittoria Valerio & Claudio Coviello - University of Milano

A mix of natural light shots and off flash... I'll let you judge by yourself:

Sorry for sharing these this late, I know that the Behind the scenes videos have been released for more than a month now. We worked a lot recently and had to find some time to edit the tons of pictures we made in the south of France!

Again huge thanks to all these fantastic artists. You may have guessed it now, we are back in France for the next blog posts.

Lavinia Scott

Vittoria Valerio & Claudio Coviello


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