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The best Magic arms on the market?

i-Footage Spider Crabs!

I use these tools all the time! Magic arms are everywhere at home and are super useful in my work. Recently I received a few I-footage Spider Crabs, and I believe they are the best magic arms on the market right now. So I can almost end this blog post here, because you already know my feelings about them. But lets go a bit further shall we?

Let me present to you the I footage Spider Crabs! You might have seen them around already. But I only discovered them recently. Lets see how I use them, and why I believe they are incredible.

For those of you who don’t know what magic arms are. It’s simply that useful tool that allows you to mount things on a stand, a camera rig, a suction cup, or anything that these claws can grab.

I personally use them to mount my audio recorder my 360 degrees camera, my phone and my monitors. These are only a few examples, you can really get creative with these.

I had different magic arms in my hands the past years. I had the Cheap ones, that barely hold still, that twist and turn and loosen with a bit of weight.

Never buy the cheap ones from amazon!

I quickly discovered this was a dumb choice, trying to save a few bucks, but risking damaging my gear. You don’t want your monitor or video recorder to fall to the ground.

So I invested in more expensive ones that did the job and were better suited for my needs. I was quite happy with them, they were well built, and kept my gear tight and secured at all times.

So the need for a new system was never necessary until ifootage reached out and presented me with these new sets of magic arms: The I-footage Spider Crabs respectively the Ifootage MA 5-6 Spider Crab and Ifootage MA 3-4 Spider Crab.

The 5-6 weighs 440g and can support up to 6kg and are 28cm (11 inches) long. Made of Aluminium alloy & stainless steel they feel strong and I really love the design and look. The 3-4, weighs 380g and are only 18cm (7 inches) long and these are the only differences between the 2.

The main strength of these new magic arms is the quick release system. I haven’t seen this before. This unique, dual locking system allows you to remove the twin thread mini head, attach it to your accessory and then return it to the Spider Crab where it is locked automatically and locked again with the buckle lock system.

This speeds up the process and makes it easy to attach and detach anything almost anywhere.

All the magic arms I use now are spider crabs, I cannot see myself using another system. I often attach my Microphone with them, like I said earlier, my audio recorder and phone too because I use a lot of phone based apps… and this could be done anywhere, I also use the spider crab, suction cup and phone adapter in our van.

The footage of the van in the video was made with a 360 degrees camera attached to our windshield thanks to the suction cup also made by ifootage.

It’s rare to actually have products of this quality in our hands so congrats to ifootage, for this innovative design and a new take on a tool that’s been around for years.

Down below are a few affiliated links, and a discount code for you. If you wish to grab something please consider using these links as it is one of the best ways to support the blog.

Let's hope other manufacturers follow their example and focus more on quality products in the future.


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