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Still my favorite accessories

feat. the Anglerfish HL1 C4 (iFootage)

There are tools that make your life easier, and now there are brands that make your life easier. I’ve talked about them in the past, but wanted to further share my experience with their accessories, and lights. Yes you read this right, they now also make lights.

You’ve seen them in my BTS, and I bet you didn't really notice them. I said it before they make the best articulated magic arms on the market right now.

I have both the lite and the fancy spider crabs. I use them for my monitors, my Follow focus system, and even use them to hold Microphones, and my 360 camera. It’s the quick release system, quick setup and change and the build quality that makes them unbeatable to this day. Up to almost 2kg when used straight and 6kg at an angle, these can really solve a lot of your problems on set.

I also have the suction cups, usually used for vehicles… but I frequently use them to attach anything on windows. Last summer I had a few home sessions and couldn’t use my traditional backdrop setup. With the help of 2 suction cups and 2 spider crabs I was able to hang my backdrop from 2 windows. When I am lacking space, I use the same trick to place my tube led lights.

The picture down below shws all the ifootage accessories I currently use, which shows how much I trust the brand. What are those shiny square things you may ask? The recently released HL1 C4 RGBW HANDY LIGHTs!

These are the ultimate throw in the bag lights. I always have at least one or 2 in my bag. I use them for pretty much everything outside filmmaking and photography. They are small, light weight, they can give you pretty much all the colors you want. A 5 year old can understand how they work, and of course you have the App. They last 2h off their batteries, they are magnetic, and you guessed it, I love them and been using them a lot lately to film them to do my product shots.

There are so many creative ways to use them, I will probably mention them again in future BTS videos. I don’t know where ifootage is going, but I like it so far. If you wish to learn more about their tools, please visit their official website. Down below are a few affiliated links, and a discount code for you! If you wish to grab a Spider crab, a light or anything else, please consider using these links as it is one of the best ways to support the blog.


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