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Improvised sensual Boudoir photoshoot

Feat. Frany Duran

This improvised sensual boudoir photoshoot happened during my very short stay in Paris, a few weeks ago. I just decided to open a spot for a quick session and Frany jumped onboard and was game for an unprepared session. We met, discussed briefly about what we can eventually do together. I discovered the outfits on the day and we started shooting right away!

The short exchange we had prior to shooting is important. It was my first time working with her, so it was really important for me for this type of session to know that we were on the same page.

For this trip, I had with me an unusual strobe. The Elinchrom ONE… That I nearly broke the next day when it fell off the bed and hit the floor. I never did a review of that light because I knew I wouldn’t use it much. But the light has some features no other light of this kind has so I might change my mind and do a review… months after its release.

For this session we relied on the dying light coming from the window, and when it became too dark I used the Elinchrom ONE.

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