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What's in my bag? [part II] (2022)

Feat. Mindshift Rotation 50L+ Backpack

I made a first what’s in my bag video a while back with the bag I regularly use on short travels. Every time I need to pack light or go for a quick shoot and only need very little gear I now have my go-to bag. Now what if I need to pack more? Whether it’s for an urban session or in the wild, I now bring with me the Mindshift Rotation 50L.

It’s crazy how much you can stuff into this. I love the fact that it looks like I am going hiking.I hate when my bag obviously looks like a camera bag. In addition to the bag, I do have the stash master pro that is sold separately, but I believe it is a must if you want to carry more gear inside. There are a couple things that sold me on this one, but before we discuss these things, let’s have a quick look at the key features:

  • 180° Rotating belt pack

  • Immediate camera access

  • Keep your backpack on while shooting

  • 2 bags in 1: Separate the belt pack and go light when needed

  • One-handed magnetic opening with zipper closure for complete security

So the first thing I liked about this bag is the Rotation180® technology that enables photographers to quickly access the camera without taking off the backpack. That Belt Pack can contain one gripped Mirrorless or DSLR kit with 3 to 5 lenses, and a few accessories! It’s crazy how simple it is to just rotate the integrated belt pack to the front of your body to have your camera at your fingertips. Snap the shot, slide the belt pack back in, and move on!

The Main Compartment is roughly 40-litres of capacity, and can be expanded making the Rotation 50+ a 56-liter bag. The Stash Master Pro once inserted significantly expands your camera carry, you can rearrange the compartments and padding and really organize your gear the way you want. Your gear is accessible from the back and from the top.

I can fit in a small flash (Godox AD-S65W softbox), a 2nd body, an additional lens, filters, and all the stuff I bring with me to film my BTS videos. I throw in an Anglerfish HL& C4 at times, a V-mount battery to power or recharge anything on the go, and more. You can of course add a laptop or a tablet (or both) and on top of the bag, once expanded, you can carry some clothes, a jacket and a toiletry kit allowing you to go out on any adventure.

Here is a list of the gear and accessories I usually carry:

It took me a while to get my hands on a bag I actually like to use. A bag that is sturdy, customisable and that gives me enough freedom with my gear. The bag can be heavy, and I was afraid it would be a pain to carry it on my back for too long. But to my surprise, it remains confortable even when it's fully loaded.

We'll see how this bag ages, but after a few months I can tell this one will last a couple years... if not more. Find out more about think tank:


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