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What's in my bag [part I] (2022)

K&F Concept Alpha Backpack

Little update to answer some of questions I received recently. What do Ibring with me when I travel for a job? What’s in my bag and why? The following elements are my go-to gear and accessories I bring with me every time I travel by air and by train. I don’t bring much, because I want to travel light, so I will also tell you how I manage to have additionnal accessories I need for a project that I wasn’t able to take with me.

This will probably change in a year or two but that’s how I do it these days. I made frequent visits to Paris in 2022. I was there a few days ago for a workshop during the Salon de la photo at the Fujifilm booth. When I'm traveling in France, I usually do it by train. I hate airports, because I am never comfortable enough to be able to work while waiting for my flight. With trains, I know I can get a lot of work done.

I now do my retouching work on the go when possible and I use the Wacom Intuos Pro small

(PTH460K1B), and still use the first gen 13” Macbook pro m1. For my storage I bring wihth me 2 samsung T7, 2 ssdsof 2to.

But when I don’t have the choice, and can’t travel by train, I still bring the exact same bag in the air. It’s small and packs most of my important gear. It's the Alphabag by K&F concept!

I was surprised to see how much stuff I was able to put inside, it has now become my go-to bag for traveling but also for street/ urban photoshoot sessions.

I can fit my Fujifilm GFX100s in this with a lens attached (usually my GF 50mm f/3.5 R LM WR) and on the other side the GF 30mm F3.5 R WR and GF 80mm F1.7 WR lenses. This quick access system on the sides makes it easy to start your shoot and switch your lenses on the go.

You have multiple pockets and storing spaces inside. I store multiple batteries, a lens cleaning kit, business cards and more. You can also access the interior of the bag from the front. I usually add a water bottle on the side when possible, and a small table tripod (for my 360° camera).

At the top of the bag I can store most of my most used accessories. I have the FXlion NANO TWO compact v-mount battery, that I use to charge my laptop, my phone or my camera. I have a usb-c to usb-c tether tools cable, several filters and adapters (the K&F concept Square Filter Holder / Do you need Filters? The ones I use Part III ), and all the accessories to charge my gear. You can increase the size of that top compartment, just in case you need to pack more! You can also rearrange the inner compartments of the bag to your likings.

Another neat system is that ability to securely attach and detach one of the straps to grab your gear on the go, or if you wish to only use one shoulder strap.

I showed you earlier how it can fit a tablet and laptop at the back of the bag, it's crazy how they managed to optimize every centimeters of this bag.

Autumn is here and sometimes outdoor temperatures can drastically change. You can strap a regular small tripod in the back but I often choose to put a sweater or jacket instead.

If I travel and stay for a few days I bring a 2nd bag with me. A more traditional one where I put all my clothes, food, and all the necessary boring stuff you usually bring with you when travelling. I sometimes add a tripod to this bag if it is not attached to my photography bag.

Now you probably noticed that there is no flash here, no light modifiers, no light stand and yet, you often see me use these even when I travel. I used to travel with at least one flash and one small light modifier in my luggage. But now I avoid doing that.

Maybe I am too old to carry around that much gear with me now. So unless we are taking the road with our van, I keep it as light as possible.

So what I do now is that I get my equipment loaned to me, or rent it out when needed and bill my client. That’s why sometimes during workshops or future BTS you might see me using different brands.

I am glad I finally found the small and compact alpha backpack by K&F concept. I really enjoy using it, and believe it will last me a few years.

After Paris, I am heading further north, but this time with the van. I will use bigger bags, but more about that in part II. I know there is another part II that never came out… it’s in the making! For those of you who are still not used to my rhythm on social media, I've said it before, I can’t post regularly even for the blog. I prioritize jobs, so sometimes like the past 2 weeks you will have more videos than usual and then it might slow down depending on my activity.

I hope I will still catch you in the next one!

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