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InMotion Toulouse (part II)

Behind the scenes - Tango photography

This is part II if you missed part I please check it out now.

People still see me as a Ballet photographer. Don't get me wrong, I love classical ballet but have reached a point where I need to explore and photograph other things.

Sports, fitness, and CrossFit athletes have joined the party for action shots and portraits and circus photography is becoming a personal favorite.

Dancers still fascinate me and the great variety of styles should give me years of ideas and thousands of scenes to create.

I always wanted to work with tango dancers, but never had the opportunity to fulfill that wish.

And that day finally came! It happened during these intense 10 days of work in Toulouse and with not one but 2 couples.

Maria & Santiago Giachello were the first to show up in front of my lens. We had the perfect location for this photoshoot: The hotel d'Assezat also known as the "foundation Bemberg".

The Toulouse convention bureau helped us with the authorizations and the museum welcomed us a few hours before the opening, the ideal conditions for the first time.

Down below is a short BTS video posted on my IG: @hkvisuals

For the 2nd shoot, I had 2 specific ideas I absolutely wanted to make. We visited the abattoirs contemporary museum beforehand and I kind of fell in love with an art piece by Julie Chaffort that was exhibited at the time. The hard part was to reach out to her and have her blessings to make a few shots with her art in the background. The 2nd idea was a timing problem.

I wanted to catch the sunset at a precise place for a dramatic picture under an arch situated at the back of the museum. I was happy to have a positive response for the first and prayed for perfect timing and weather for the 2nd. Virginia Uva & Cesar Agazzi were so professional we just could not fail.

What do you think of the results?

Again, huge thanks to both museums and to the tourism office of Toulouse... Special shoutout to my partner Marlene. Part III will be out this weekend, can you guess what it will be about?


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