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InMotion Toulouse (part III)

Behind the scenes - Circus photography

This is part III, if you haven't read part I or/and part II please do so!

So it all ends here. A fantastic adventure, 10 days of fun in some of the most iconic places of "la Ville rose". So what's next? I hope an exhibition, and maybe more epic pictures? Toulouse is a rich, complex, inspiring city, I already have dozens of ideas in mind.

But we are not there yet and before turning the page, here are the last galleries. After classical ballet, and Tango, I had to include a few circus artists in the mix.

The following was actually the very first photoshoot we made during our stay. The Japanese Garden was actually on my wishlist the first time we visited the city last year. The timing wasn't right back then so we skipped the garden... This time the weather was "ok" but the Garden wasn't at its best, unfortunately, some of the trees were not in bloom.

We made our pictures anyway, with the original artist I had in mind last year... Miss Jatta Borg! It was our 2nd time working together, and what a pleasure to have her in front of my lens once again.

Here is a short BTS video:

I felt like a kid visiting the "cité de l'Espace" museum. Space, astronauts, rockets, I was excited and scared all at once because too many ideas were rushing in my head and I knew we would not be allowed to set up some of them. So we kept it simple and ended up making some of my favorite shots of the series. This time we were accompanied by artist and hand balancer Charlotte Lemay. Loved every minute of this photoshoot... Just wished we had a bit more time, as there are so many things to do there.

Quick little Behind the scenes just for you:

A special InMotion Toulouse without the "Capitole"? Impossible, we had to make a few photos inside. The amazing Casey Wood was up for it, her boyfriend Gonzalo came to give a hand, and we had one morning to make what we could in this iconic monument...

The BTS:

Finally, there is THE museum... Ok, this is a personal statement, but this place is really amazing. Le "musée des Augustins" was maybe one of the locations I was more excited about.

I feel that I could have done more and better there. The place is huge so we had to carefully select the scenes we really wanted. We spent almost all day there with 3 artists. The lovely Eloïze ( Do you remember our first photoshoot together in Lyon?) who traveled especially for this shoot, and hand-to-hand duo Mila and Emile.

Quick peek behind the scenes:

So what do you think? What are your favorite pictures? I'll conclude this 3 part post by thanking all the people who were involved in this project, the city of Toulouse and the Toulouse convention bureau, and all the amazing locations that participated. Special thanks to Melissa Butelli and Isabel Bribes for their help, and thank you, Adrien Harmel, for trusting me.


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