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My XH2s Video rig!

I made a video about my favorite accessories for the Fujifilm XH2s a few months ago. Accessories that make the experience of shooting videos with this camera, much more comfortable and enjoyable. A better user experience can help you create for longer periods of time and ease the creative process. I was missing a few pieces to make it complete, or almost complete. Let’s take a look at them.

So how did I get there… 1st I needed a better grip on the cam and needed multiple attaching points for diverse accessories. And that’s why I needed a cage and the handles. I now have 2 of them that I can put on both sides. I can attach a mic easily on top, or a monitor on the top handle, it will all depend on the type of shots I need.

If I need more accessories though there is a point where the cage might not be enough. This is where the Tilta lightweight shoulder rig comes in. Easy to assemble, light and compact, and delivered with a nice case. It is perfect, for any light camera setup.

You can adjust the length of the arms and the angles. The entire rig can sit still on your shoulder. And all the mounting holes allow you to screw almost all the additional accessories you want. If I know I am going to film for longer periods of time, I will need a bigger battery, that will power, my monitor, my camera, and my video transmitter if needed.

To power all this I have the Tilta V-mount battery plate. USB-c, DC out, D-tap, and of course V-mount batteries. I currently use the Bebob V98 micro, because of how compact and reliable they are on set.

This gives me options. I can currently shoot with a tiny little setup handheld or have more power and stability on the shoulder with the entire rig. Now I just have to find a different way of managing my cables. Just to make this setup as clean as possible.

So Tilta delivers once again simple and affordable tools. Both the Shoulder rig and V-mount plate are really well built.

Am I done? Maybe not, but if this rig evolves I will let you know.

My Tilta XH2s rig:


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