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HK VISUALS & the cover of PULPE Magazine

It’s always nice to give a 2nd life to a picture. These days the majority of our work ends up online and only a few projects are used for prints, posters, and even magazines. So when I received these in the mail, I was really pumped to see one of my images that was created back in May 2019 on the cover of the first edition of the French Magazine "PULPE".

This image was part of a series I made with dancer Hélène Bernadou inside the Château Pape Clément. I was testing the Fujifilm GFX50s back then figuring out if that camera was for me, and also experimenting with new ideas for possible future projects… but more on that soon.

"Pulpe is a full-fledged media bringing together several channels: a magazine, but also a blog, video clips and social networks. "Pulpe le magazine" is another way of approaching a tourist destination, with an elegant line and fun and quirky content."

If you wish to see how this cover was made and the complete gallery:


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