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The making of "Within"

Behind the scenes of the dance short film

"Within" was first published last summer on Vimeo but I decided to wait for the YouTube upload.This is the Behind the scenes video of this short dance film, made in Toulouse with dancer Solenne Monnereau.

This experience again reminded me how much I prefer moving over stills images. I know that one day I will only create videos, short films, and hopefully a feature film (who knows…), and keep photography for myself.

It’s a different process, a different experience that I enjoy more. I have much to improve, but this is due to the lack of time devoted to the art. I started that slow shift in 2020 where I started making videos again more regularly and for those of you who don't know, I was a videographer before becoming a full time photographer. We prepared this one, like we always do, but this time it mainly happened online. I shared notes with the dancer and the ideas I had for this dialogue-free story, and she proposed her own choreography based on those notes and based on the music. I always choose the music beforehand, and the entire project is structured and built upon that piece of music.

I hate chopped up videos where we wee bits of performances cut together with no real beginning and no end. If you watch all my dance videos, the choreography tells a story. I send keywords to the dancer, explain the key moments I want to highlight in the film, and what I want the audience to feel (with a shot list) during specific parts of the video.

Once we agreed on the overall project we could hit the record button.

We had to make a few adjustments as we were not able to visit and rehearse in the hôtel room. I had to rethink some parts too as I miss evaluated the size of the room. We eventually changed for a bigger room as the first one wasn't "deep" enough. We were also asked to work with the tinies crew possible… And I think we couldn’t make it any smaller. Apart from the Godox TL120 led lights, it was all shot with the available light.This is why preparation is key. We didn’t have the choice here, but If I can, I try to prepare as much as possible before principal photography.

Solenne did an amazing job, and I hope this won’t be our last time working together. The majority of this film was made with the MAVO Edge 6k and the Chiopt Extreme 28-85mm T3.2 lens. The overhead sequence was filmed with a Canon R5 attached to a junior boom arm and of course we filmed in 8k Raw to ensure we would able to match the footage with the Mavo edge, and becaue I knew a severe crop would be applied to the final footage.

The final video:

I would like to thank once again the entire staff of the Grand hôtel de l'Opera ! Huge thanks to the talented Solène Monnereau, it was again a pleasure to create with you. And, last but not least thank you Kinefinity Europe for letting us photograph this piece on the MAVO edge 6k!

Some screen grabs:


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