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Meeting Anjara & Alvaro, my ballet photography on the French riviera

Am I quitting my work with Ballet dancers? No! My work these days has confused quite a few. Athletes have been popping out here and there in your news feed, and lesser ballet photos were shared on my IG. But what does this really mean? Why this sudden change? You can stop worrying if this has been a concern for you... I said it in different posts on social media, I needed some change. I kind of followed my own tips in my video, "how to avoid creative slumps and improve your photography". Diversification was necessary for me business-wise and creatively. But never in my reflection was there an option to quit Ballet photography.

Anjara in the streets of Menton (France) - Lighted by the Beautybox 65 and the Broncolor Siros L (800ws)

I am now in my 6th month on the French Riviera and my work with dancers continued with new locations last summer. Having the sea nearby and long hot sunny days was a big change for me! I got to meet the lovely Maeva Cotton from the Ballet de Nice and made my first ballet pictures on the French Riviera in the old streets of Antibes. I thought I could do more and had a few ideas in mind I didn't get to realize with maëva. So I waited for the right moment, the right people to create them. I didn't really wait long, as during the same period I stumbled upon 2 amazing dancers, Anjara Ballesteros and Alvaro Prieto from the Ballet de Monte Carlo. Divided our session in 2, the first happened in Antibes and the second in Menton.

I love adding fabrics, and silks in my shots these days, and at the time, I was looking for colored flying dresses. Anjara makes her own dance skirts and told me she was able to make one within 2 weeks. Never thought her skirt would look this good! As a bonus, the color happened to be my favorite color. The results are beyond my expectations, I really love the work we made together.

Just to clarify, Alvaro is her husband!... Just checking out if everything is in place...Lighted with the Beautybox 65 and the Broncolor Siros L (800ws)

Anjara and Alvaro are 2 incredible down-to-earth individuals. It was a real treat to work with such respectful and talented dancers."InMotion" is not over, I am just taking my time to take it to the next level!


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