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My thoughts on the LensGO 328c

My youtube is a mess, although I try to keep a similar structure for each one of my videos, I always find a way to screw things up and change a thing or two. For example, most of my talking heads are excuses for me to test new ideas and tools for future projects. This video is no exception, the sound you are hearing in this video is coming from the LensGO 328c Cavalier audio wireless system. This lavalier wireless system is maybe one of the cheapest on the market… so what do you get at this price point? Let’s find out!

The 328c comes in this neat little black case and inside you have 2 transmitters, one receiver, 2 lav mics, 2 cables that allows you to connect the unit with a mini-jack directly to your DSLR or DSLM, or to your phone. A cold shoe mount adapter is also included but no batteries and no micro sd card included, but more on that later.

If you are not a fan of lavalier microphones you can plug any microphone that uses a male mini-jack cable (so of course no phantom power here). I tried naively to record a guitar performance by placing the microphone near the soundhole against the soundboard and this didn’t go well. This mic, unfortunately, couldn’t handle the pressure, resulting in distortion in sound in the low-end spectrum. But to be fair this wouldn’t be the first use that comes to mind. This obviously is more suited for live shows, broadcasting, interviews, and any content like this video.

I brought it on a photoshoot with me, because I've been asked a few times now if I would ever include the audio in future behind-the-scenes videos. So here you can hear what it sounds like when I work with a french performer. So in this kind of situation, it works great, I might consider recording myself this way for future Behind the scenes videos. After a few videos made with this, I can also say it can be a great solution for YouTubers or any online content creators. But If I want to be honest, in terms of sound, I wish it was a little more open. It lacks presence and deep voices like mine don’t shine with these mics In terms of range, I didn’t have any issues so far but I’ve always used it in fairly open spaces and ever went near the announced 150 meters, and always had no visible obstacles. I used the included lav mics but also plugged my Sennheiser MKE 600. In some of my YouTube videos, I used the Sennheiser as a backup just in case anything goes wrong. But what’s great with this system is that you can also record directly on a micro SD card giving you the option of having a backup. I wish every audio device had this feature. But what about the build quality… Well, this is obviously where you understand how they managed to propose such a device at such a low price. I have been using it only a few times and the screens are already a little bit scratched. It’s light and that’s a great thing, but the overall plastic feels a bit fragile.

Overall, you cannot be too severe with the Lensgo 328c because it is really budget-friendly. It gives you a decent sound that with a few tweaks can easily sound the way you want it. This will work flawlessly for your interviews and your Youtube videos. And if you don’t like the Lav mics sold with it and have other mics laying around, just use this as a wireless audio system. For the rest, only time will tell! I can’t bet on this given my feelings on the overall build and the few scratches I already have after a few uses. Again let’s not forget the market targeted here. So if you don’t have the budget yet, this could be a good start before you invest in more high-end professional gear. What about you? Do you use a wireless audio system? and which one?

More on the LensGO 328c : Facebook Instagram Youtube Website


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