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New Beginning! Vlog #1

The very first episode of my VLOG !

I will blog less in the future and Vlog more... Really sorry for not giving any news for so long, but this new life and adventure changed everything in my life these last (almost ) 90 days!

Here are a few links in addition to this video:

And the crazy event who got the flower never made it to my blog but has its own gallery on Facebook: WGTF 2016

It was kind of heartbreaking to leave my city but as you might guess, awesome things are coming up.

Don't be shy, ask your questions! If you want to see something in particular in future episodes or know anything (photography-related or not) about me, us, this whole adventure please leave a message in the comment section below!

Huge thanks to my parents, Martial and Marilyne for their help before our departure. Thanks to all our friends that helped us leave our apartment in 48hours.

Rendez-vous in Episode 2 next week !


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