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Dance photoshoot at Strasbourg’s National and University Library

New playground! Behind the scenes video

I promise this is not deliberate. For the third time, I'm setting up a photoshoot in a library. After the Media library Andre Malraux in Strasbourg, and the Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart, we were granted access to the National and University Library of Strasbourg. The building, which is a work of architects August Hartel and Skjold Neckelmann, was opened in 1895 and renovated last year. It holds the second largest collection in France and is a magnificent historical monument. I never thought I would be able to do anything inside this building until a few weeks ago. After submitting a few projects during a year, I finally got a positive answer.

The mission wasn't easy as I was asked to combine architecture elements and artistic performances. Something I shouldn't be afraid of since It's the core of what I've been doing with the series "InMotion". But I couldn't help finding it a bit more challenging than usual as the architecture of the building is somehow disconcerting with its mix of modern and old structures and volumes. After a quick walk through the building, I decided to break it into three short sessions with 6 different artists. Fanny and Noémie George, two ex gymnasts and dancers, Anastasia Skukhtorova a pole dance champion for some "off pole" work, Paul Herzfeld and Nhật-Nam Lê, two amazing Chinese pole performers and Sandra Ehrensperger a ballet dancer from The Opera du Rhin.

It's an amazing lineup in an amazing place... My main concern was for the 2 circus artists. The library has one of the most beautiful staircases I've ever seen. And what I wanted to do was to bring a 16 feet tall Chinese pole in the center of it. At first, I had to convince the library to let us do so. The pole is safe and easy to install but, when you're not used to this type of material, I can understand that people can be afraid of it. Somehow we managed to convince them. Then came up the installation, we had to be really careful to not hurt anyone, but also to not break anything inside! Fortunately, the setup was smooth and quick... We're all set to have the fun of our lives in an incredible setting.

Some info on the tools used during these 3 sessions :

  • Broncolor move kit

  • Para 88

  • Canon 5D Mark III

Thanks to the whole staff of the National and University Library of Strasbourg. Thanks to all the dancers and performers for their art and passion. Thanks to Marlène for the Behind-the-scenes video, and a special shoutout to the Broncolor team for their support. Down below are the resulting galleries :

Sandra Ehrensperger

Fanny & Noémie George

Nhât & Paul


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