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Pole dance photography (part 2)

This is part Part 2, head to part 1 before continuing.

I'm now kind of addicted ! Artist & performer Yvonne Smink contacted me a few months back and told me that she loved my work. Due to conflicting schedules, it was impossible for us to meet until recently. We managed to set up something in the city of Bordeaux (France). An outdoor shoot with not only Yvonne, but with also Eefje Van Ingen, and Allegra Bird !

The city of Bordeaux and the tourist office were kind enough to grant me access to the Jardin Public and the ruins of the Palais Galien. We scheduled our shoots at 6 am and had two mornings to make epic pictures...

Yvonne Smink

The main difficulty, when shooting outdoors... The fluctuating weather! You have to get used to the constant change of light quality, adapt for each shot, and always be aware of any changes. I alternated between shots taken in full shade and sun, and this time, no strobes to help me out... I was solo, alone with my camera!

Going for that natural contrasted look sometimes can give good results. The light was hard, which gave hard shadows, but somehow it worked on a few shots that day.

Allegra Bird

Working with pole dancers is an amazing experience. You can get a wide variety of shots with one artist. I wish I could shoot more pole performers, but I guess this is due to the fact that I never clearly expressed my will to work with them before.

I officially integrated these dancers into the “InMotion” series. I will get the word out now and hope to create more with pole artists next year! Know any performers around you? Spread the word! Huge thanks to the people from the tourist office and of course the city of Bordeaux for letting us shoot there.


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