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Where it all ended! Portugal, the last sessions

This article is kind of special... and not in a good way partially). it was the last city of our InMotion 2016 road trip tour and it wasn't supposed to be. Why? Simply because we got robbed in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

I am not going to talk about this in this article because we've already discussed this painful event on social media a while back, and it's not worth an entire article. We even talked about it in one of our vlogs so I guess that now that we are in 2017, this belongs to the past.

So someone broke into our RV and stole a bunch of our stuff, but did this stop us from continuing? Yes and no... The tour did end, but we are still making images. The mishap put us in a difficult situation financially but we are now (early August 2017) almost seeing the end of the tunnel.

If you are following me on social media, you may have seen the Toulouse InMotion special edition made earlier this year, the new series I am trying to produce that was launched in Strasbourg, and I am now temporarily based in Antibes, so people living French Riviera, no more excuses to not work with me. But we'll get to this later in a future blog post.

So now that we have definitively turned the page and digested this painful experience, what do we have left? Wonderful memories of a unique adventure (our vlog) and some unique photos.

Yes, these 2 photoshoots are the last pictures we officially made on tour last year.

So now, let me present you Joana Silva, a unique and lovely human being, who kindly offered us shelter during our stay in Lisbon. She even showed us around and made our Lisbon experience a bit better.

A part of being a wonderful host and guide, she is also a talented pole dancer and artist overall! We made a quick night photoshoot together (off-pole), something I do not do often and that I will try and do more in the future. Shot at the Fonte Luminosa, these are some of my favorite shots from the tour:

The 2nd photoshoot will not surprise you... it's another ballerina session... Oh yes, I had to, and judging by your reactions on Instagram, you guys prefer when I strictly shoot ballerinas, which I believe is a shame! But hey, I love ballet photography so I will continue to shoot ballet dancers do not worry. Here are the final photos of this tour made with the lovely Isadora Valero Meza. We worked early that day at the MAAT... the place was quickly crowded with tourists so it wasn't an easy one. Still got a few nice shots, what are your favorites? This article concludes definitively the 2016 tour. It took me some time to get over this but now we can serenely move over.


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