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Spotlight: The city of Geneva

Not simple to create images in Geneva... even outdoors! With the city of London and Paris, it is one of the cities where getting authorizations could become a long and tough journey, which doesn't always end well. Of course, you can do it the savage way as everybody does and do your images until you get kicked out or receive a fine... but on serious projects, you just can't do that. Although chances of being caught are slim when you work with a tight crew, on bigger projects it is hard to get unnoticed. So to get all worries out of the way, I prefer the legal way even if sometimes I end up not having access to some locations. Nevertheless, I still want to thank all the people working for the city of Geneva, that have helped me to this day, because without them so of the following images wouldn't exist.

I have been in the city a couple of times now, and it has always been fun. Before my next trip there I wanted to share with you a selection of the work I've done there so far :

Marie-Caroline - Place des nations (Geneva - Switzerland)

Place des nations (Geneva - Switzerland)

Marie-Caroline - Roseraie du parc La Grange Geneva - Switzerland)

Marie-Caroline - Parc La Grange (Geneva - Switzerland)

Marie-Caroline - Parc La Grange (Geneva - Switzerland)

Christine Pannatier - Brunswick Monument (Geneva - Switzerland)

Pauline - Rauqier - Brunswick Monument (Geneva - Switzerland)

Mohana Rapin - Jardin Botanique (Geneva - Switzerland)

Mohana Rapin - Jardin Botanique (Geneva - Switzerland)

Céline Jacques - Jardin Botanique (Geneva - Switzerland)

I previously shared a selection of my favorite pictures taken in another iconic place in Geneva, the Ariana Museum! If you enjoyed this series, you might as well take a look at them, because I am sure you will love them too :

Huge thanks to all these artists that trusted me for the images, people of Geneva... see you soon!


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