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The Wet Deck – W Amsterdam Hôtel

A photoshoot with Tatjana Van Onna

I kinda love Amsterdam... or at least let's say that this city made a good first impression on me. Back in 2015, my girlfriend and I started what has now become a ritual.

Every year she takes me to a new city we never visited before for my birthday. The first city was Toronto (by the way Check out my Canadian Work!), a fantastic day spent exploring the city that ended at the top of the CN tower.

If you have never been up there I really recommend you do so.

The year after we went to Lyon (Check out the Vlog for this one) which was also a stop during our 2016 road trip.

And this year we flew for a few days to Amsterdam. We had a fantastic time there, loved the city and we were lucky with the weather as it was partially sunny during our entire stay. The sick man that I am, had to set up a few photoshoots and this is one of them. This can be directly related to my previous blog post on how I find locations for my photoshoots.

I didn't want to do the basic touristic monument thing that I usually do, I wanted to make a fast session, in a cool place without getting up at 5 am and dodge the tourists downtown (Yes I was lazy that weekend... But hey it was my birthday after all!).

Since we were only in Amsterdam for 4 days and I had to travel light, my kit was really basic. I brought with me a 5D mark III, my 24-70mm L 2.8 mark II lens, and an 85mm 1.8. No strobes, no telephoto, the minimum needed for a natural light outdoor session.

So I googled and browsed the almighty web and found some interesting locations and the W Amsterdam rooftop was one of them... Judging by the pictures I found, it was the perfect place for me so I sent an email right away.

The next thing I knew, I was informing Tatjana Van Onna that we were about to shoot on the Wet Deck of this beautiful Hôtel.

It was all improvised, as we didn't have the time to visit the place beforehand. Sometimes a little improvisation doesn't hurt, and with such a talented artist with me, I could only be happy with the results!

We played with reflections and tried to do our best with the constant change of light. The complete gallery is down below, so what do you think?

Huge thanks to the W Amsterdam hôtel staff that welcomed us that morning. I just wish we had more time, this place has so much to offer, I would have loved making more pictures there!


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