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The need for a professional photographer

Fitness photoshoot

The importance of photography nowadays and imagery, in general, is constantly growing. Look around you, we are literally surrounded by images. Subways, stores, magazines, blogs, from the streets to our smartphones, images are everywhere. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and brands know that they know that a good picture is inestimable for their growing business.

First specialized in Dance photography I decided a few years ago to broaden my competencies. I am now proposing my skills to athletes and all sorts of performers from circus to ballet. I've been regularly working for a wide variety of projects and clients ranging from small businesses to big dance companies.

If you need to boost your brand, market yourself, or add credibility to your work, you need professional-looking photos. Only a professional with the required experience, knowledge, and skills can showcase the best out of what you have to offer.

I decided last year to slowly share more of my work outside dance photography. Expect more circus photos, sports and athlete portraits, and even more creative personal projects. I'll also regularly share behind the scenes videos to show you how I work and what it takes to make great images.

here is an example of a short BTS video I posted on my Instagram:

Down below, is the work I've done a few weeks ago with Ex-gymnast and personal trainer Marlène Chameroy in Antibes. I am actually working on the French Riviera (South of France) but I am available worldwide. If you have an interesting and challenging project... I am in!

Shot early in the morning, with a little help from a Broncolor Siros L (800w):


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