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The 85mm f1.2L II & 35mm f1.4L II, the only Lenses you need?

Are the 85mm f1.2L mark II and the 35mm F1.4L mark II the only lenses you need? I own a 24 - 70 and 70 to 200mm f2.8 which can pretty much cover 80 to 90% of my work (roughly)... So why would I need these 2 primes?

Basically, prime lenses perform better than zoom lenses even if some would disagree and say that the differences are not always noticeable.. at least by the untrained eye. I use the 24 - 70mm a lot and even made a video about it. But the biggest advantage primes have over zoom lenses is the ability to open wide and gather more light.

The 85mm opens up to f1.2 and delivers a marvelous bokeh, and allows a lot of light to reach your sensor which is always in handy... More options are always cool of course if you have the money! So I took the 5D Mark IV with me, threw the 85mm for all my tight shots and portraits, and the 35mm for all the wides, and close-up action shots in my bag.

If the video goes too fast for you, down below are the images, Infos, and the diagrams:

For these last shots, no diagram was needed, I used Broncolor's edge mask on my 60 x 100 softbox. You can actually build your own by simply cutting the shape of your sof