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When things don’t go as planned!

Contortion photoshoot behind the scenes Feat. Jess Prévalet

This happens a lot, and most of the time you cannot do anything about it. You travel, you are only available a few days, you rent your gear, or get authorizations to a specific place at specific hours and then boom... Your model is late or has to postpone your shoot a few hours later, or you are shooting outdoors and it's pouring rain and unfortunately, you can't change anything. A few hours later means changing your entire schedule of the day, and the cost of a rental isn't cheap these days.

I work on tight schedules, so I don't have much flexibility so it's either we cancel it or we do it anyways. Canceling for me means we won't meet again before a long long time if not ever. But this trip wasn't that bad, I was in Paris only for a few days for the Salon de la Photo and the guys at Fujifilm France let me borrow the GFX100 during my stay. But like I said earlier, the weather in Paris was awful, it was raining almost every day... it was really cold, and getting any authorizations to shoot indoors like London is a nightmare.

To sum up the situation, the available light was flat and dull, I didn't have my flash with me and I wouldn't have risked taking them out under the rain. So I had to forget all the ideas I had initially for Jessica our performer of the day.

All the following pictures have the same settings:

Fujifilm GFX100 GF 110mm f2 LM WR 1/250sec at f/2.0 ISO200 - 110mm

Crop with new 5:7 Ratio

Zooming in... Just in case you do not like the reflection:

A little tip for rainy days, avoid shooting the sky if you don't want washed-out skies in your images. You can also play with reflections in puddles and during this session, I tried to use any elements available to lean on to help us make our shots more interesting...

The infamous 1:1 Instagram crop (I still can't get used to it)!