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When things don’t go as planned!

Contortion photoshoot behind the scenes Feat. Jess Prévalet

This happens a lot, and most of the time you cannot do anything about it. You travel, you are only available a few days, you rent your gear, or get authorizations to a specific place at specific hours and then boom... Your model is late or has to postpone your shoot a few hours later, or you are shooting outdoors and it's pouring rain and unfortunately, you can't change anything. A few hours later means changing your entire schedule of the day, and the cost of a rental isn't cheap these days.

I work on tight schedules, so I don't have much flexibility so it's either we cancel it or we do it anyways. Canceling for me means we won't meet again before a long long time if not ever. But this trip wasn't that bad, I was in Paris only for a few days for the Salon de la Photo and the guys at Fujifilm France let me borrow the GFX100 during my stay. But like I said earlier, the weather in Paris was awful, it was raining almost every day... it was really cold, and getting any authorizations to shoot indoors like London is a nightmare.

To sum up the situation, the available light was flat and dull, I didn't have my flash with me and I wouldn't have risked taking them out under the rain. So I had to forget all the ideas I had initially for Jessica our performer of the day.

All the following pictures have the same settings:

Fujifilm GFX100 GF 110mm f2 LM WR 1/250sec at f/2.0 ISO200 - 110mm

Crop with new 5:7 Ratio

Zooming in... Just in case you do not like the reflection:

A little tip for rainy days, avoid shooting the sky if you don't want washed-out skies in your images. You can also play with reflections in puddles and during this session, I tried to use any elements available to lean on to help us make our shots more interesting...

The infamous 1:1 Instagram crop (I still can't get used to it)!

1:1What do you think? Original better?

FujiFilm GFX100 GF 32-64mm f4 R LM WR 1/200sec at f/4 ISO400 - 32mm

Let's get closer:

I played with aspect rations on some shots because the GFX100 and its 102 Megapixels sensor let you crop without losing too many details. More on that on my feelings about this camera that should be out in a week or so. So how do you handle this kind of situation? Do you cancel and reschedule in hopes of better weather conditions? I personally rarely have this option...


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