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Throwback, my very first photoshoot in America!

Yes, a year has past since I made the following pictures, and for those of you who have been following my work, you know how much the project "InMotion" has evolved. I will regularly make a throwback type of post, sharing works made before I ever had a website. We will then be able to see much more clearly the evolution of this project.

For this first one, let me talk about this funny meeting with Savannah Lee in New York. A part of my job I love the most... Travel! This was my very first shoot outside Europe. And of course my first one in New York. I was very excited about the perspective of setting up a few dance shoots there.

This first one almost never happened as Savannah got a little bit scared the day of our Rendez-Vous and almost canceled last minute. I can understand, I didn't have a lot of content to show back then and I'm kind of a scary guy... Ha, Ha, (just kidding !) of course she doesn't know me and nobody does there, so I totally understand. Lucky for me she decided to call me on my temporary US number and I managed to convince her to join me and my wife Marlène at the foot of the Williamsburgh bridge.

I'm really happy we finally met because it would have been an awful premiere for me. When she arrived, we were extremely late on our schedule. It took her 5 minutes to discover that I was professional... and a nice guy. The sun was hitting harder and harder as we got closer to noon, but this didn't stop us from making cool pictures! Thank you so much again Savannah for this wonderful session, I hope you had as much fun as I had.

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