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What inspires me: Cinema

So that is exactly what happened the past week, I was uninspired. Maybe that’s related to our current situation, the lockdown, and everything. I was trying to find an interesting subject for my YouTube channel and my brain just froze. So I thought "inspiration" would be a perfect subject. Where do I get my inspiration from, where do I get my ideas? Here is part of the answer.

Film, movies, cinema from indie films to Hollywood. I cannot deny that cinema has had and still has an impact on my work. I am not a fan of copying ideas or concepts from others unless it’s for learning purposes and I generally keep these exercises for me. I then take elements I like from several different places, mix, modify and apply them to my own work. Of course, I have to add my spice to it. I have to take the idea or concept somewhere else because if I don’t, I will end up being a fraud. When watching a film, I question myself about the things I feel while watching it, what does that particular scene do to me. Why do I like it, or hate it, why I think it’s effective or boring, and how I can incorporate this into my work or simply learn from it. Basically, I am expanding my vocabulary, I am constantly looking for new tools to express myself. I believe that today, it is impossible to be original, everything has been done already. So you will be at best a beautiful mix of different things, elements, ideas, and concepts, influenced by your life experience which will help you create something that reflects who you are. The more elaborate and dense your vocabulary is, the more tools you have at your disposal, the more unique your work will seem to be. I am surprised I haven’t been inspired much more by the lighting techniques used in some of my favorite movies so far. But still, When looking closely at some of them I see where I drew some of my inspirations.

FILM: Delicatessen (1991) DIRECTOR: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro

Julie Charlet who was 8 months pregnant at the hôtel la cour des consuls in Toulouse (2020)!

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FILM: Lion (2016) DIRECTOR: Garth Davis

Lyria Van Moer in Strasbourg (2018)!

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.FILM: Lion (2016) DIRECTOR: Garth Davis