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Who got the flower 2017

2nd year in a row! The Who got the flower (WGTF) is an international Hip Hop event occurring in the small town of Pontcharra. Don't try to find it on a map, it's lost somewhere near Grenoble (France). Who would have thought that such an event would take place in such a place, in the countryside?

It is and, I presume, will be the only hip-hop event I will attend this year... Yes, I made that choice a year and a half ago when I couldn't get some organizers to consider my photography as actual "Work"... Yes, photography is my job, and I cannot make a living out of it if people don't pay me for the beautiful pictures I deliver ha, ha!

All jokes aside, and back to the WGTF, if I had one word to describe the festival, it would be: "Love". If I had 2 others it would be Family and fun.

Because, yes, they have managed to make a hip hop event where you can see an audience ranging from toddlers to elderly. In my opinion, this is quite an achievement! How did they make it? Simply, by sharing what all this should be about: love, peace, and unity!

It may sound a bit cheesy, but there is that kind of vibe going on throughout the festival, and it feels good to be there and to be a part of it.

But what about the dance? There is for me one specific moment during this festival that justifies being there: The Collab'.

Dancers coupled with a randomly picked musician, battle one another. The winner takes his opponent's musician and continues on his way to the finals. This battle is 100 % improvised! I thought that last year would be a hard one to top off but guess what, this year was even better!

I was lucky enough to be part of this once again, and here are just a few images summarizing the event. Underneath are 2 of the official videos of the finals. The first is the Collab' and the 2nd the 3vs3 breaking battle.

Check out their YouTube channel and their Facebook page for all the pictures and videos. I highly recommend you to attend next year's event if somehow you are in the area.


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