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Your best, my best of 2018!

This year I tried to summarize 2018 in a video of 120 seconds... Not everything made it in the final cut of course, and it was really hard for me to include all the footage that really represents this year's work.... but guess what, I am quite satisfied with the result! It's that time of the year when you look back on what you have accomplished... The good, the bad, the sad, the fun, you failed, you learn, and you hope to start 2019 stronger than ever.

If you are an Instagram user, and if you follow anyone there, you may have seen a flood of pictures showcasing people's #best9 ... Basically, it's 9 of your most popular photos "loved" by your followers on your profile.

Like last year, I do not always agree on the ones that are considered "the best"... Instagram is still a platform where you have little control over the popularity of your photos. Depending on the time you post your picture, the content itself, the hashtags, and so on... it's hard to predict I well a post is going to perform. Most of the time a picture I love will perform poorly, and the ones I like a little less sometimes give me incredible numbers. What is considered a great photo? For who? A lot of my favorite ones are also the ones that have a great story behind them... so it's really personal! Down below is your top 9 according to Instagram, and just after it, the 9 pictures I personally love for... personal reasons.

1/ Anna Romanova & Ricardo Macedo - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

You know what? I won't say much about this photoshoot because the behind-the-scenes is on the way!

2/ Anna Romanova - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

I am really glad this one made it in the top 9, It's my last post of 2018 on my Instagram, and it's also the only photo I added to my personal top 9. More on this picture a little further down.

3/ Anna Gueho - Bordeaux, Miroir d'eau

I kind of have a love affair with Bordeaux... I will surely be back there in 2019!

4/ Hélène Bernadou - Pessac, Château Pape Clément

Do you wish to see more from this session? Look no further, just click here: A dance photo shoot at the Château Pape Clément!

5/ Dafne Luigi Barbosa - Toulouse, Japanese garden

This is maybe a perfect example of what I will be doing less next year! Although I love the simplicity of the shot, it doesn't match and satisfy my creative needs anymore...

6/ Anna Gueho - Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse

The importance of light! I will never say this too much... Great light makes great photos: Do you need a flash to make better pictures?

7/ Anna Romanova & Ricardo Macedo - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

I said it earlier in this article, the behind the scenes will be out soon...

8/ Dafne Lugui Barbosa - Toulouse

You really seem to like Dafne... and I cannot blame you for that!

9/ Hélène Bernadou - Pessac, Château Pâpe Clément

This session with Hélène was one of my personal favorite of the year, what do you think?

So now that Instagram has spoken, what about me?

1/ Anna Romanova - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

This is also the 2nd most loved picture on my Instagram, and it was posted less than 24h before I posted this article.

For a long list of reasons, I am so happy I have met such an incredible dancer. There are people out there that are easy to work with, and she is one of them... and I haven't met many. I love a lot of the pictures we made together but I chose this one because it was the last of our photoshoot and we nailed it twice with only a few tries. Yes, I said twice, because as you can see, on Instagram I posted the 2 and asked you guys which one you preferred!

2/ Allegra Bird - Pessac, Château Pâpe Clément

It's odd... not odd "weird" but odd compared to the pictures I am used to making. During this private session with Allegra, she reminded me of this idea she already suggested to me a few months back. We just needed the perfect setting to make it... and there it is:

3/ Alanna Baker - Toulouse, La Halle de la Cartoucherie

Life is unpredictable, I contacted Alanna for an eventual Uk tour that got canceled right away. A few messages later, she tells me that she is on tour and that we will be in the same city for a few days! Improvised fun was on the way, you can see some of the pictures we made together in this article where I review the Canon EOS R and the 24 - 105mm F4L lens: The RF 24 – 105mm and the CANON EOS R, the kit that does it all?

4/ Joséphine Meunier - Musée d'art Contemporain de Lyon

I started slowly but surely to work with contemporary dancers. I was afraid for many years to work more with these dancers because of the way I work. I like details, lines, forms and shapes, precise compositions which is very restrictive for dancers that love to move freely during a shoot. But then I thought to myself that this was no different than the work I used to do during dance battles and live performances... Maybe I can find a way to adapt my approach, and at the same time give the dancer and myself a little more freedom, a little bit of chaos... I cannot say we achieved this during this photoshoot, but this will be one of my many goals in 2019.

Another little thing I would like to mention... "3D"... or how to give more depth to a picture... Another thing on my "to-do list" of 2019!

5/ Laura Viaud - Bordeaux

One thing I believe I failed in this year, was to pursue my work with circus performers. The past few years I've met fearless performers that still give me chills when I look at what we achieved together. The ones that make me hold my breath before I release the shutter. We played it safe this year so I guess we will have to take more risks next year!

6/ Vanessa Feuillatte - Bordeaux, La cité du vin

Another favorite of this year, with the one and only Vanessa Feuillatte. I love working with her, she is really fun to hang around with. I will still do my best to work in unique, original places next year, what did you think of this one?

7/ Manon Lys, Dafne Lugui Barbosa, Virginie Baïet Dartigalongue, Martin Arroyos and Nicolas Rombaut - Capitole de Toulouse

A lot of people have asked me recently if I ever do group shots... Yes, and I would like to do more in 2019!

8/ Ophélie Ferrand - Toulouse, La Halle de la Cartoucherie

My favorite color is red (have you noticed? ) I love to play with colored smoke, and I want to take my fitness photography to the next level... Are you ready?

9/ Katarina Ristic - Le Havre

This composite is far from being perfect, there are already a few details that bother me but... It is a start, and I've learned to not be ashamed of where I come from. Sports should be present a bit more in my work next year, so I will have a few occasions to improve my skills.

So that's it, what a year! I am happy with the way it turned out although it was far from being a perfect year. Let me wish you all a fantastic end of the year and the very best for the coming one.

“Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”

- Helen Keller -


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