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Your best, my best of 2018!

This year I tried to summarize 2018 in a video of 120 seconds... Not everything made it in the final cut of course, and it was really hard for me to include all the footage that really represents this year's work.... but guess what, I am quite satisfied with the result! It's that time of the year when you look back on what you have accomplished... The good, the bad, the sad, the fun, you failed, you learn, and you hope to start 2019 stronger than ever.

Take some time to reflect...

If you are an Instagram user, and if you follow anyone there, you may have seen a flood of pictures showcasing people's #best9 ... Basically, it's 9 of your most popular photos "loved" by your followers on your profile.

Like last year, I do not always agree on the ones that are considered "the best"... Instagram is still a platform where you have little control over the popularity of your photos. Depending on the time you post your picture, the content itself, the hashtags, and so on... it's hard to predict I well a post is going to perform. Most of the time a picture I love will perform poorly, and the ones I like a little less sometimes give me incredible numbers. What is considered a great photo? For who? A lot of my favorite ones are also the ones that have a great story behind them... so it's really personal! Down below is your top 9 according to Instagram, and just after it, the 9 pictures I personally love for... personal reasons.

1/ Anna Romanova & Ricardo Macedo - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

You know what? I won't say much about this photoshoot because the behind-the-scenes is on the way!

2/ Anna Romanova - Lyon, Palais de la Bourse

I am really glad this one made it in the top 9, It's my last post of 2018 on my Instagram, and it's also the only photo I added to my personal top 9. More on this picture a little further down.

3/ Anna Gueho - Bordeaux, Miroir d'eau

I kind of have a love affair with Bordeaux... I will surely be back there in 2019!

Do you need a flash to make better pictures?

4/ Hélène Bernadou - Pessac, Château Pape Clément

Do you wish to see more from this session? Look no further, just click here: A dance photo shoot at the Château Pape Clément!

5/ Dafne Luigi Barbosa - Toulouse, Japanese garden

This is maybe a perfect example of what I will be doing less next year! Although I love the simplicity of the shot, it doesn't match and satisfy my creative needs anymore...