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Ballet photoshoot in Zürich! Vlog #3

Stop number 3 ! Not our first time in Zürich, but the first time we go there to shoot dancers from de Zürich Ballet. We had a fantastic time there but didn't stay long. We hope to come back there next year for a visit, and for new amazing projects. As I promised (in the video), here are a few explanations, to help you understand how we made 2 pictures of these sessions. This is the very first picture we took at the Opernhaus Zürich. My assistant Marlène was placed camera right and is my key light. The hard-hitting sun is behind the 2 dancers and acts as a backlight.

OpernHaus Zürich - Galina Mihaylova & Eric Von Christison

You need a powerful flash to compete against the sun. For this type of situation, the 800w Broncolor Siros L is the perfect tool. I used it with a small light modifier, the beauty box 65.

For this 2nd picture, the setup is a little different. The sun was quickly vanishing behind the buildings behind me (over my left shoulder) so we had to work fast. Getting the position right wasn't easy for Elizabeth and Eric but we managed to nail it before the sun disappeared.

Kreuzkirche Zürich-Hottingen - Elizabeth Wisenberg & Jesse Fraser

The Siros L Was positioned as a backlight this time to help me separate the dancers from the steps. I had just enough light from the sun to have a decent exposition.

I won't thank enough these amazing performers. So blessed to be the one capturing these unique moments. Huge thanks goes also to the OpernHaus and the Kreuzkirche Zürich-Hottingen for welcoming us and letting us shoot these amazing pictures. Shoutouts to the Broncolor Family, Episode 4 is on its way...


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