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Are all Muslin Backdrops the same?

I talked about it before, are muslin based backdrops the way to go? Are all backdrops available online the same? Of course, I can’t test all of them, but I decided to test at least another brand to see if I get the same quality for my muslin backdrops. So 2 weeks ago I shared my thoughts on what was my first muslin backdrop ever. I was immediately wondering if all muslin backdrops felt and look the same.

So a few weeks later, Avezano reached out and sent me 4 different backdrops. These muslin backdrops are 2x3 meters in size, which makes them slightly longer compared to the previous ones that I have. Just the right size for portraits and full-body shots. The fabric seems a bit thicker and heavier, which is a good thing. The printing method seems to be the same but the texture here is more defined and a bit more pleasing to the eye. They are also useable straight out of the box without using clamps. You just slide the bar you usually use for your regular backdrops in and put it up on your stands right away. I still use clamps to get rid of the creases and wrinkles, because like I said in my previous review, these muslins backdrops still need to be ironed or steamed if you want them perfect. Something, I can’t say right now is how the fabric will look after a few washes, multiple ironing sessions. I guess I will have to do a quick video about that maybe in a few months. In the meantime let’s see what it looks like on some of my latest sessions.

Sarah Lemzaoui (Toulouse - France)

CANON EOS R5 - RF 50mm F1.2 1/200sec f/1.2 ISO 100

Emma H. (Toulouse - France)

CANON EOS R5 - RF 50mm F1.2 1/200sec f/1.2 ISO 100

Price-wise we are in the same range, and after a few uses, I have to admit that well I am leaning towards Avezano. So what does this mean? Well, nothing good actually, because in a way, I am happy to have these backdrops that look and feel better than the previous ones I got. But then I can’t help myself to think that maybe, there are better muslin backdrops out there made by other companies…. Who knows?

Lianna Nowell (Toulouse - France)

CANON EOS R5 - RF 50mm F1.2 1/125sec f/1.2 ISO 100

But right now, If I need to travel light and wish to have a nice backdrop with me, these would be my go-to, because they are easy to fold and carry around. If you are interested in affordable backdrops for your portraits, you can bet on these ones. Down below are the exact references that I used! What is your experience with backdrops, Which ones do you use? I am about to test Vinyl backdrops and handpainted backdrops… and soon I will tell you which ones I actually use in my work... Can you guess?


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