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A Circus artist photoshoot at home

Behind the scenes video feat. Arianna Pellini

Hello, long time no see! I didn’t want to leave you hanging like that. So here is a new Behind-the-scenes video. Yes, this channel is still alive, I just gave up on fighting the algorithm of social media platforms. Also, following their guidelines is a pain, and delivering content every day even when I have nothing to show or say, is not really my cup of te

This is why I am redesigning the blog, and will concentrate more on its content soon. I am still migrating the old one to the new (232 articles exactly) . This takes time… so I had to take 2 weeks off to actually do that and have it done as fast as I could. It is still the old blog you are seeing on

Don’t worry I will still post free content on the blog, behind-the-scenes, tutorials and more. But I will also produce exclusive content there, more in-depth articles, news about special projects and their development, and more educational content later down the road.

You can add on top of that the content I cannot publish on YouTube, FB or Instagram because of the community guidelines.

The way I will propose this content is still not defined, but you should be updated soon. I plan on releasing the new website in the 2nd week of March.

Now that this is out of the way, let's go back to this session I had with contemporary dancer and circus performer Arianna, who stopped by for a couple of original portraits.

Arianna Pellini (Toulouse - France) Fujifilm GFX100s - GF 50mm F3.5 R LM WR 1/125sec f/3.5 ISO 50

The majority of this session was done with 3 lights. Two strip boxes on the side and overhead a 105 Octabox. For the shapes and light effects, I used the Pixapro Optical snoot!

Arianna Pellini (Toulouse - France) Fujifilm GFX100s - GF 50mm F3.5 R LM WR 1/125sec f/3.5 ISO 50

Arianna Pellini (Toulouse - France) Fujifilm GFX100s - GF 50mm F3.5 R LM WR 1/125sec f/3.5 ISO 50

I am still working with Godox flashes, for those of you who tried to help me out on that battery issue… guess what? There is a kind of protection with these high-capacity batteries. They go to sleep after a while for me it was after a month and a half and the only way to wake them up… drum roll…was to press that button!

It is hard to notice, and nothing online or even in the manual talks about this security thing and button. I thought my batteries were dead, they were not charging, the flash didn’t want to turn on. I sent multiple emails, read multiple forums… And finally, this dude on Facebook had the same problem and he found that magic button!

So false alert, they still work fine, I guess we’ll wait a bit before I complain again.Whatever happens in the future, I will keep you posted anyway. Please take care and until my next post, please, have a good one!


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