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Fine art Nude photography (part III)

My first steps feat. Emma H.

This is part III of my journey exploring Fine art nude Photography. Fine art Nude photography (part I)

With Emma, we went for something more colorful and straightforward. Photographing her sitting down helped. Standing up without any clothes on is sometimes not easy to handle for models. Having that much of the body exposed is tricky. Although we are placing the lights for contrast and depth there isn't much we are hiding. This is where I would personnally stop, I wouldn't go beyond light-wise. Lighting the whole scene evenly, using a bigger light source and exposing the entire frame will be too far away from my style. I need drama, I need contrast, I need shadows. If you are looking for a soft dremy look, this approach won't work. If you are looking for a more "commercial" look then do the opposite.

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