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Fine art portrait photoshoot!

From start to finish Behind the scenes video with Clara

The "From start to finish" video concept isn't new but that I might do it more often. 4 images for this one, a quick look at my lighting setup and an overview of the accessories and space I used, and as a bonus, a speed edit that will show you how much is going on in the retouching process. Gear-Wise we have the AD300pro overhead because it is light and powerful enough for this type of work. Attached to it is the beauty box 65. Just below me to fill the shadows is the Aputure light dome II with the AD600pro at a very low setting. and behind her, I have 2 NANlite Pavo tube 30c led lights… just for fun!

I am of course shooting with the GFX100s and the GF50mm. You will see in the edit and retouching process, that I am using an old technique to overcome partially the lack of control I have on the smoke. By taking multiple shots, with the smoke at different stages I can sample parts of it from several images and add them to my final shot in post with photoshop. I am just using multiple layers with masks and custom brushes, that’s all…

Concerning my color grading process, I’ve made I believe at least 2 videos in the past where I explain a bit more how I do things. My process hasn’t changed much since so you can watch these videos if you need to after watching this one!

Tat’s all folks, if you enjoyed this one then I am happy because I’ve received several requests for a video like this recently. If you would like more stuff like this, tell me in the comments below!

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