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Outdoor lingerie photoshoot

Behind the scenes Feat. Clara P.

I’ve shared of few of these sessions on this channel in the past, but usually, they happened indoors, in a nice fancy apartment, house, or an hôtel room. Sounds boring? Well Yes and no, you can always find a way to make it interesting, even in the most common places. So this time I want it to change things a bit and bring this one outside. Of course, you have to do this with someone who doesn’t mind making such a session in an open public space instead of a private bedroom. To spice things up, we added a few accessories… Because it’s me of course!

This is the type of work I might propose for a brand with a limited budget. The reason for that is that you don’t have to include in your budget the cost of the location, and I can handle almost the entire session alone. This is not totally the case here but you get the idea. The more accessories you add the more expensive the shoot will be. It sounds obvious, but sometimes you can get carried away and be too generous with what you offer to your clients. It is a nice and easy way to step away from the classic bedroom images or studio shots. The only risk is the unpredictable weather, sometimes we had to wait for the sun to come out a little. I made these during that time I had the EOSR5 for testing, so it was a while ago. It was also the perfect opportunity to test the RF 85mm f1.2 DS and the RF 50mm f1.2 lenses wide open, to add that little dreamy look & feel to our images.

CANON EOS R5 & RF50mm f1.2 1/3200sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

To strengthen the color of the lingerie she was wearing we used matching fabrics.

CANON EOS R5 & RF50mm f1.2 1/3200sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

But we also made a few simple shots. The sun was hitting her on her left side and went down gradually behind her as the session went by.

CANON EOS R5 & RF85mm f1.2 DS 1/3200sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

CANON EOS R5 & RF85mm f1.2 1/800sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

When the sun was completely behind her, I decided to do just a shot or 2 with a flash. Nothing crazy, my flash was placed on the same axis as the sun, becoming my back/ sidelight. And of course, we had to go crazy a little…

CANON EOS R5 & RF50mm f1.2 1/2500sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

CANON EOS R5 & RF50mm f1.2 Broncolor Lights (SirosL 800ws) 1/5000sec at f/1.2 ISO 50

I promise the next lingerie, swimwear, or boudoir photoshoot I will share here will be crazier and we'll try to be more creative! Hupe props to my amazing assistant Marlène, and of course, thank you, Clara ( ) for trusting me for your images!


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