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Fine art Nude photography (part IV)

My first steps feat. Célina B.

This is part IV of my journey exploring Fine art nude Photography. Down below are previeious articles on the subject. Fine art Nude photography (part I)

Fine art Nude photography (part III) 4th and final article and maybe the most interesting one for me as a dance photographer. "Flow posing" or letting the model improvise was never my favorite approach. I started with a lot of improvisation, letting the model move and explore while I was shooting. But this led me to a lot of frustration, although this is the only way I know where raw emotion and magic can happen.

I am always to this day trying to find the right balance between control and freedom, to have the best of both worlds. Sometimes this comes naturally because not everyone is comfortable with improvisation. So depending on who is in front of my lens, most of the time I know the amount of improvised moments we will have during the session.

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