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The Aputure 300X a few months later!

This is also a follow up to my first review video of the Aputure LS 300X, but this time I am going to share my experience using them for video.

I've been working with the Aputure 300x for a few months now, using both of them as my secondary light(s) on a few videos. I shared earlier this year a dance portrait video, and a few scenes were lit with the Aputure Light dome II and the 300X.

All my talking heads, or almost all of them the past months were also lit with this same combo.

The ability to change the color temperature of my lights with the help of a simple remote convinced me to use them on some of my photoshoots.

In the image down below, the backlight is a single Aputure LS 300X barebulb!

Watch the complte behind the scenes of this session here: AD 600 pro review

The following portrait was lit with 2 Aputure LS 300X, this image was part of my initial review of the lights: My thoughts on the the Aputure 300X for photography

From warm to cold, You can create color contrast with just 2 of these lights! The first 300x was set at 2700K on the left side of the image, and at 5600k on the right (Main light).

Now after a few months, allow me to share my feelings about these lights.

I still haven't invested in one brand when it comes to lighting. Because none of the ones I used so far proposed a family of tools that would fit the majority of my needs. Plus it has to be affordable, robust, and easy to use and set up. Recently, I've seen a lot of brands investing in continuous COB-led lights. Smallrig that isn’t known for its lighting tools just released their own, Phottix too and GODOX has a couple of new fixtures coming shortly.

The competition is tough, but I belive this is a good thing for us.

I've said it in my first video about these lights. Aputure has built a strong reputation in the field. I am seeing them more and more on sets and it is not surprising given the quality of their tools.

The 300x is no exception, you can carry it around, throw it in the bag (gently) when I have it in my hands I feel this will last for long. The handbrake locking mechanism is solid, and I am still amazed at how easy this system is to use.

The quick and precise CCT control wheel with the integrated preset button, allows you to fine-tune CCT in +/- 50K increments, or toggle between 5 common CCT presets (2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K).

In addition to the control wheels, the 300x can be controlled using Aputure’s 2.4G RF Remote system, the professional DMX512 standard, as well as the Sidus Link mobile app via Bluetooth Mesh.

This alone would convince me to only have Aputure lights for my work, being able to pilot everything with a single App makes lighting easier than ever.

Last year, we filmed a last-minute video using 2 Aputure 300x. I was testing the limits of the Fujifilm GFX100s in video mode (more about that soon) and the Aputure lights made it easy to set up and shoot the video quickly.

If you haven't watched my first video about these lights, let me make it simple for you: My thoughts on the the Aputure 300X for photography My thoughts about them haven't really changed over the past months. I still love using them even though they are not perfect.

My main issue is the green color cast at some temperatures. I believe this is linked to the technology they use to go from cold to warm temperatures. Something I haven't noticed right away, but that became obvious after a few uses.

This can be corrected of course on set with gels, if you need critical color accuracy, or match different lights together. For small videos, single light uses, and YouTube content, this shouldn't be an issue... but then given the price, currently under 1100 euros in Europe I don't think this is a deal-breaker, given how versatile and well made the 300x is…

Let's hope technology catches up and offers more accurate bi-color lights in the future... From Aputure? or other brands? we'll see...


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